Become a Draftee!!! Taking applications for the 2014 draft!

Taking applications for the 2014 draft!

How to become a draftee

Message me with the following info

Name (first and last): your info here
Age: your info here
College: your info here
Jersey Number: your info here
Hand: your info here
Position/Secondary Position: your info here
Play-Style (rebounding, scoring, passing and other..): your info here
NBA Comparison: your info here
Height/Weight: your info here
Skin Tone (6 lightest, 1 darkest) and Body Type (buff or ripped): your info here
Appearance (hair style, face, facial hair, tattoos, accessories, shoes, etc.): your info here
5 Strengths: your info here
5 Weaknesses: your info here
Other Stuff (background info, shooting style, hotspots, etc.): your info here
Story of your life: ie how the scouts noticed you etcyour info here

Send me a pic of your face if you want to make this a little more realistic!

What happens with points

All draftees, no matter their draft year will be eligible to play the prediction games and acquire points. The points scoring will run through 2011-12 and 12-13 regular seasons and playoffs. Draftees will have their points awarded based on a per year average using the years before they were drafted.

In other words.
Player 1,                                  Player 11,                                                   Player 21
year 1 50 points, drafted        60 points                                                   45 points
year 2                                     50 points (total 110 / 2 = 55) drafted        70 points 
year 3                                                                                                       65 points (180/3 =60) drafted

Each rookie prospect will start out with their skill attributes as messaged.

As a prospect It will cost 5 points to improve one area in which you included as a strength, 10 points for the areas you did not mention and 15 points for areas noted as weaknesses

The points will continue to accumulate after you are drafted and may be used once per game month to improve your player.

The following will be the way you may use points after you are drafted
10 points = 1 up tick in athletic attributes
5 points = 1 up tick in skill attributes
15 points = 2 ticks in either direction on any tendency attribute, must use 15 at a time.

After the Draft your points will not be averaged. 

Ways to get points
1. Prediction
 a. Outcome of game (winner + score) winner = 1, best score range accuracy = 1, closest score = 1
 b. Outcome of series (playoffs) winner of series = 1, number of games = 1, individual game winners = 1
 c. Oddest stat of the night performed by. must be correct player = 5 points (will keep roster page up to date)
2. Participation points
 a. Post a comment with prediction = 1 point
 b. post a general comment about what you read = 1/20th of a point.
 c. submit via message to me, a player story during scouting or during season and if I post it = 30 points.
 d. post smack with kosher language/subject against another draftee/player = 1 point
3. Win points lottery. Lottery points will be put into the pot when nobody guesses a correct answer or someone loses points.

Ways to lose points (you will not lose skills by my command)
1. Inactivity over a 30 game period = -30 points
2. Attempt to post smack without kosher language/subject or being trollish = -10 points
3. 20 game prediction losing streak without any points = -20 points

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