Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adios Amgos! Cats win

The Bobcats won the 35th game of the season and then a surprise announcement was made by David Stern.

David Stern
As NBA commissioner I regret to inform you that the NBA is ceasing operations until further notice due to the combination of Federal and State taxes being so high that not one team can afford to pay their taxes and their players. Rather than going into a lockout over players' wages not being paid, the NBA owners have voted 29-1 to disband the National Basketball association. There are several teams that might try to form a league of their own, but at this time that will be doubtful. You should know that the only team that did not vote for disbandment was Michael Jordan.

I wish everyone the best and hope you can find other employment.

After that crazy news Michael Jordan came out with this announcement.

While I am sorry to see the end of the NBA I must say that I also have news that makes me glad for a possible fresh start.
Many of have wondered what happened to this organization for there to be the need of such a great cleaning. Here is what happened.

Manfred Nissley was organizing the files in the file room one night and ran across a piece of paper that seemed out of place. He discovered that this piece of paper was an e-mail that had been printed out. He read this e-mail to see where it should be classified. Here is what he reported to me at 3 am that very morning.

"Dear Justin Timber O'Fritzlaker
I am pleased to report that the entire team is on board with your suggestion. All contracted players and I accept your special terms for the team to throw a certain number of games in order to ensure the Bobcats lose the said amount of games for the season.
Rich Cho"

We decided to not fire Paul Silas at that time due to financial troubles but we fired everyone else and traded all of the players who had decided to throw games. Thus the craziness of Manfred Nissley


Hey guys, it is I, Manfred Nissley, your friendly undertaker

You could say this my way of laying to rest something that I have greatly enjoyed. Time restraints and lack of outside activity on the page have created an impossibility of me continuing. If there had been even 10 comments at this point, I might have tried to make it work.

Be good folks! Be sure you are right with Jesus!

Manfred Nissley

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