Friday, March 9, 2012

My fix- try it without the ccc.exe set to high.

I I played a seven minute quarter game with both NBA2k.exe  and the CCC set to high and it crashed. I played without the CCC set to high and it did not crash. Bears more testing.


Here is what I did.
Start the game.
Once you hit the main menu hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE to bring up Task Manager.
Click the button to show all processes. (YOU MUST BE THE ADMINISTRATOR!)
Right click on NBA2K.exe
Hover over Set Priority
In the box that pops up select Realtime or High. I will go into further detail later.
-Optional: Do the same thing to you graphics card.

After I did all of the above except for the graphics card when I played 3 quarters of 5 games of Bobcats VS Hornets with 1 minute quarters, 4 of which were in my Bobcats dyansty. That particular game had crashed on me twice today. All 5 of the those games went awesomely well, save for one thing. The audio sounded like it was from a record from the 50s.
I then went and changed the Priority Level to High and played 3 quarters of 1 game with 1 minute quarters with the Bobcats vs. Hornets. That went very well! And the audio was great!
I then set the minutes to 5 per quarter and kept the priority level to High and played 3 quarters of Bobcats vs. Hornets. Success again!

Before I go further I need to give you my settings and PC info.
PC info
4GB Ram, Intel p7350 @ 2.00ghz Core 2Duo. ATI Radeon HD 3650 512RAM

Game Settings
Resolution: 1920/1080
Window Mode: On
V-Sync: Off
AA: Off
Arena - High
Player - High
Crowd - Medium
Sideline Characters: On
Texture Quality: High
Depth of Field: On
Floor Reflections: On

With those settings I get about 25 fps. Yeah, I know. Really bad graphics card.

I did a performance benchmark with the following settings and the results follow
NBA2k.exe = Normal priority, CCC.exe (graphics card) = normal priority. Result 25/medium
NBA2k.exe = High Priority, CCC.exe =normal. Result 25/medium
NBA2k.exe = Realtime, CCC.exe = normal. Result 28/medium, sound choppy
NBA2k.exe = Realtime, CCC.exe to High. Result 28/medium, sound choppy
NBA2k.exe = Realtime, CCC.exe to Realtime. Result 30/medium, sound choppy
NBA2k.exe = High, CCC.exe to Realtime. Result 27/medium, SOUND PERFECT!
NBA2k.exe = high, CCC.exe = high. Result 29/medium, Sound Perfect

Not once did the game crash using the NBA2k.exe method. I did not have the time try adding the CCC.exe method to it as well yet. For me the best combination is the NBA2K.exe set to high and the CCC.exe set to High.

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