Saturday, January 21, 2012

10-4 Cats' streak survives @ Clippers 6-9 in exciting game

10-4 Cats' streak survives @ Clippers 6-9 in exciting game.
The Bobcats beat the Clippers in a high action and very close game that was won by Bobcat three with no time left for a Clipper shot! The Bobcats opened the game with a 12-9 run and held the lead for the rest of the quarter. The Bobcats had a 3 point lead at 20-17 to go into the second quarter after a Clipper basket.
In the second quarter the Clippers went on an 8-3 run to tie the game after the Bobcats had a 22-17 lead with a4:18 left in the quarter. While Francisco Elson tied the game he was injured, the result of accidental contact with Bogut after the shot. Elson will be out of action for 1-2 weeks with a lower back strain. The Clippers actually took a 32-31 lead with 1:50 to go in the quarter. The Bobcats did not like that so they went on a 4-0 run to end the quarter and go into halftime with a 35-32 lead.
The Bobcats began to slowly pull away from the Clippers in the second quarter and had a 51-44 lead with 1:37 left in the quarter. The lead was cut to 54-50 by the end of the quarter.
In the fourth quarter the game was extremely tight with the teams trading baskets. With 1:49 left the Clippers took the lead at 62-61. With 1:10 to go the game was tied at 64. The Bobcats then took a 67-64 lead. But then with 4.9 seconds left the Clippers took a 68-67 lead. The Bobcats called a timeout and inbounded the ball from halfcourt. The Bobcats got the ball to Webster. He pumpfaked which got the defender to stay on the ground not knowing what to expect. Immediately after the pumpfake Webster hoisted a three that went in to win the game with :00.3 left on the clock!

Odd Stat: Webster's shot was the only shot he got to fall all game!


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